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Each of the terms mentioned below will have the following meaning in the MB General Terms and Conditions of Sale (abbreviated below to "GTCS"):

« Classified ad »: refers to all of the elements or data (visuals, text, sound, pictures, drawings) submitted by a Customer or Partner under its sole editorial responsibility, with a view to purchasing, renting, selling or searching for equipment disseminated on the Internet Site, Mobile Site and IOS and Android Apps;

« Advertiser »: refers to any advertiser, whether a non-professional and/or professional, and the holder of an Account. An account is considered as being "Professional" or "non-Professional" according to the context in which the Advertiser and account holder, a professional or non-professional, uses MB Services and the SIRET Number entered or not entered by the Advertiser when creating its account.

  • « Professional Advertiser »: refers to a professional, notably specialising in the sale and/or rental of equipment, and holder of an Account in the context of its professional activity, (e.g. a dealer, wholesaler, transport company, renter, manufacturer).
  • « Non-Professional Advertiser »: refers to an individual or legal entity and holder of an Account, the principal activity of which is not the sale or rental of equipment. (e.g.: a farmer, farm services company, full-time employee or a farm equipment cooperative, in particular).

« Applications»: refers to the Android app that can be downloaded free of charge to an Android phone from Google Play Store and the app optimised for iPhone and iPad that can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store to an iPhone or iPad with, as a minimum, Version iOS 7 for iPhone or Version iOS 8 for iPad enabling Users and Advertisers to access part of MB Services.

« Order» : refers to any subscription to a Service by an Advertiser with MB.

« Account»: refers to the personal space created by the Advertiser on the Internet Sites in order to use MB Services, from which the Advertiser disseminates its Classified Ads, views the Classified Ads currently being disseminated and places Orders from the Internet Site, as described in Article 4 of the GTCS. An Account is strictly personal as far as the Advertiser is concerned and cannot be transferred or sold to a third party without the prior approval of MB in writing.

« Credit»: refers to the virtual currency purchased via the Professional Advertiser's Account which enables it to subscribe to one or more publication offers, as described in Article 5.1 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Credits are attached to the Account from which they are purchased and cannot be transferred to another Account. MB reserves the right to set up automatic Credit consumption rules that can be modified at any time by the Advertiser. Credits have a life of twelve months. MB cannot be asked to extend the validity of a Credit. The cancellation of a Pro. Account results in the cancellation of the Credits associated with this account.

«Packs»: refers to the Service offers marketed by MB, as described in Article 5 of these GTCS "Description of MB Packs and Services".

« Logon Identifiers»: refers to the email address and password chosen by the Advertiser when creating its Account, which enable the Advertiser to be identified.

« MB»: a company that publishes and operates the Agriaffaires and MachineryZone Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and IOS and Android Apps. Depending on the geographic location of your entity, your order will either be handled by :

  • MB Diffusion, a simplified joint stock company (SAS) with €87,000 capital, Evry Commercial Register N° 432552966, with its registered office at 98, Allée des Champs-Elysées 91080 - COURCOURONNES France
  • or MB Advertising, a company incorporated under Irish law with 20,000 euros capital, with its registered office located at Rsm Ireland, Trinity House, Charleston Road, Ranelagh Dublin 6.

« Multidiffusion of Classified Ads»: refers to the Service that enables a Customer to disseminate an Ad published on MB Internet Sites or on one or more other online Internet Ad sites operated by MB Partners, carefully selected by the latter, on an occasional or recurring basis, in France or abroad.

« MB Services »: refers to the Agriaffaires and/or MachineryZone Services performed and marketed by MB and governed by these GTCS.

« Partner Offer »: refers to an offer of services proposed and executed by an MB Partner promoted on the Internet Sites. MB is a third party to the commercial relationship that might exist between an MB Advertiser and Partner. MB may not be held liable in this respect in the event of complaints resulting from the commercial relationship between an MB Advertiser and Partner.

« Partner»: refers to a company belonging to the Schibsted Group and/or an MB third party that has the benefit of a partnership with MB for the promotion of their services and/or products on the Sites via Partner Offers.

« MB Sales Department»: refers to the MB Sales Department available to Users and Advertisers via the Internet Sites and Apps, as well as by phone on +33 (0), in order to place an Order and/or prepare a quotation according to the Services requested by the Advertiser and/or User.

« MB Customer Services »: refers to Customer Services for the Internet Site where the Advertiser can obtain any additional details. This department can be contacted by clicking on the "contact" link located on the Internet Site, Mobile Site and IOS and Android Apps, as well as by phone on +33 (0)

« Internet Sites»: refers to the Internet Sites operated by MB, mainly accessed via the MachineryZone and Agriaffaires URLs and their extensions, which enable the Advertiser to access MB Services via the Internet, create its Account and from which Classified Ads can be accessed and disseminated.

« User »: refers to any visitor with access to MB Services via Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and/or Apps who views the Services available from the various media.


The General Terms and Conditions of Sale set out the contractual conditions applicable solely between MB and an Advertiser in the context of a subscription to MB Services, dissemination on Internet Sites and Apps, in particular.


All Orders placed by an Advertiser require acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale with renunciation of application of its own General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.
MB cannot be bound by any condition constituting an exception to all or part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless expressly accepted, irrespective of the moment when it might have been brought to its attention.
The fact that MB does not invoke any of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of sale at a given moment cannot be interpreted as renunciation of invoking one of the said conditions in the future.
MB can only be bound by an addition, crossing out, modification to or deletion from these documents if countersigned by MB.


4.1 General Rules

The Advertiser that has placed an Order (Classified Ad publication, Publication Option(s), Service Subscription, in particular) has the sole benefit of the Order which cannot be sold or transferred without the approval of MB.
Classified Ad Packs can only be ordered by a Professional Advertiser.
Once an Order placed by an Advertiser with MB has been validated, no reimbursement is possible.

4.2 Placing Orders

An Advertiser can place and validate an Order via:

  • its Account on Internet Sites,
  • the MB Sales Department on +33 (0)
An Advertiser cannot currently place an order from the Mobile Site or IOS and Android App.

5.Description of mb packs and services

5.1 MB Diffusion Packs

MB Diffusion proposes two types of Packs to Professional Advertisers:

  • the “Pack Pro”: either a "Standard Pack Pro" or a "Visibility Pack Pro";
  • the “Standard Expert Pack" or the "Visibility Expert Pack".

The Advertiser will have the benefit of all or part of MB Diffusion Services as defined in Article 5.2 below, depending on the Pack selected by the Advertiser.

Pack tariffs vary according to Classified Ad volumes and the country.

Tariffs are available from the MB Diffusion Sales Department.

5.2 MB Services

Publication of Classified Ads

Two categories of offers are available for the dissemination of Classified Ads (sales, auction, rental and search ads):
  • The dissemination of a Single Ad;
  • The Ad Pack, available only to Professional Advertisers;

The tariffs applicable for Ad Packs are available from the Sales Department.

The tariffs for the publication of Single Ads are available on Internet Sites when the ads in question are input.

In any event, the tariffs applicable to Packs and Single Ads are those in force on the day of the Order.

The Classified Ad will be published within a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours after it has been submitted or after receipt of payment for online Orders.
The Advertiser acknowledges that its Ad may be deleted or put on hold by MB without it being able to claim any financial compensation.

The period and conditions for the publication of "Sales Ads" vary according to the type of Advertiser:

  • Non-Professional Advertisers will receive a confirmation email every two (2) months from the date of the first dissemination of their Ad to check that the equipment is still available for sale. This confirmation by the Advertiser enables the publication of its ad to be extended free of charge for a period of 2 months, up to a limit of one (1) year or up to a limit of 2, 6 or 12 months for the "Straw and Feed", "Foodstuffs", "Animals (Bovines)" and "Animals- other foodstuffs" categories, or up to a limit of 2 or 6 months for the"Professional Service - Entrepreneurs" and "One-Off Service - Farmers" categories”.
  • Professional Advertisers will receive a confirmation email every two (2) months from the date of the first dissemination of their Ad to check that the equipment is still available for sale. This confirmation by the Advertiser will allow it to extend the publication of its ad for a period of 2 months with no time limit. The two-month (2) extension of publication of the Ad is subject to payment for Professional Advertisers without a Pack subscription .

In the event of no confirmation and/or non-renewal of the Ad on expiry of the 2-month period, the Ad will be removed from the Agriaffaires and MachineryZone Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and IOS and Android Apps.

Should the equipment be sold during the publication period, the Advertiser will delete its Ad within the shortest possible timeframe.

Publication options

The publication options on the Internet Sites for Classified Ads are as follows:
  • Highlight” which enables a Classified Ad to be highlighted in a coloured insert to make it more attractive.
  • Top of List” which enables a Classified Ad to be put to the top of a list above all others to make it more visible.
  • Sales event” which enables a reduction to be applied to the selling price of equipment during a limited period to speed up the sale of the equipment proposed.
  • Available for rental”: which allows the indication "available for rental" to be added to a sales Ad».

Two additional publication options are available to non-Professional Advertisers only:

  • Hide Details” which enables certain details to be hidden in the publication of classified ads: name, address and/or phone number.
  • Fast Pack“ which enables a daily top of list and highlight to be combined.

The Advertiser can choose the periods and frequencies of publication Options at the tariff indicated when they are deposited and/or over the life of an Ad.

Professional Advertisers can only subscribe to publication Options if they possess credits.

Creation of a PDF Catalogue

MB proposes the creation of a printable Catalogue in PDF format to enable Advertisers to customise and enhance the stock of equipment, the Classified Ads of which have been disseminated on the Internet Sites and to use the said Catalogue as a professional quality advertising medium.
This Service, included in all Packs, is reserved for Professional Advertisers.

Creation of a Turnkey Showcase Site

MB proposes the creation of a turnkey Showcase Site. This service is included in any Pack.
The number of pages created will be limited for Professional Packs and unlimited for Expert Packs, according to the Pack selected by the Professional Advertiser.

The Multidiffusion of Classified Ads

  • To take advantage of this Service, Professional Advertisers with a Pack subscription must possess an Account and be registered on the Partner Internet site(s) where they wish to publish their classified ads.
    The tariffs pertaining to this Service are available from the MB Sales Department.

    Since MB is not party to the relationship between the Advertiser and Partner, it cannot assume any liability for this Service with respect to the Advertiser. In the event of a dispute, notably regarding publication of a Classified Ad, the content of the Ad, invoicing and/or the services made available on the Partner Site, the Advertiser must contact the Partner directly and cannot in any event hold MB liable. In the event of a breakdown of commercial relations between MB and one of its Partners, the multidiffusion service with the said Partner will cease to exist and the Advertiser stop being invoiced for this Service. MB cannot be held liable for termination of the relationship which will not entitle the Advertiser to any compensation, financial or otherwise.
  • Among the multidiffusion offers proposed by MB, non-professional advertisers are, in particular, able to disseminate their individual classified ads free of charge on the site accessed via the URL address:, a site managed and hosted by MB Diffusion, published by Pleinchamp. Dissemination on the site does not require the creation of an account on the partner site by the advertiser. Professional advertisers can also disseminate their classified ads on the site, provided they take out a Pleinchamp multidiffusion subscription, the price of which can be obtained from the MB Sales Department. The Pleinchamp multidiffusion offering is solely reserved for advertisers domiciled in France.
  • Professional Advertisers resident in France with a Pack subscription are able to export their Classified ads from MB sites to the Leboncoin site, accessed via the following url:

    The tariffs applicable to take advantage of this offer are available directly from the MB Sales Department.

    In parallel to subscribing to this multidiffusion offer, Advertisers must have a Professional Account on the site.

    Advertisers are required to comply with the general terms and conditions of use and the dissemination rules of the Leboncoin site. Failing this, LBC France, the editor of the Leboncoin site, reserves the right to refuse or delete any Classified Ad not complying with its general terms and conditions of use or dissemination rules.

    The Advertiser should contact MB directly on any question relative to publication of a Classified Ad, the content of the Ad, invoicing and/or the services made available on the Partner Site.


6.1 The tariffs applied are those in force on the day on which the Order is placed by the Advertiser. MB reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

6.2 In the event of a change in tariff, the Advertiser will be advised by email. It will then have a period of 1 (one) month from the date of the first invoice integrating the change in tariff to cancel its Order by registered letter with recorded delivery. Failing this, the Advertiser will be considered to have accepted the new tariffs.

6.3 Any promotional tariffs apply solely to the first subscription, unless specifically indicated on the online Order form. When an Advertiser has the benefit of special conditions, they cannot be combined with any other special conditions offered on the Site or on a Partner Site.

7.Payment and invoicing

7.1 Services

7.1.1 Payment is due at the time of subscription to each Service and/or the purchase of Credits; payment may be made by:

  • credit card from the Internet Site;
  • bank transfer: a €2 ex-VAT processing charge will be applied to Advertisers that have not taken out a Classified Ad Pack for all Orders placed online;
  • SEPA direct bank debit: this method of payment is not available for online orders;

Payment methods and processing charges are liable to vary from one country to the next. The processing charges applicable are those in force on the day of the order.

7.1.2 Pursuant to Article L.441-6 of the French Commercial Code, any delay in payment will lead, ipso jure, to suspension of the Advertiser's Order and/or Pack, as well as the invoicing of late penalties at a rate equal to the rate applied by the ECB to its most recent refinancing operation, plus 3 (three) percentage points, in application of Article D441-5 of the French Commercial Code, to which a fixed indemnity of 40 (forty) euros will be added for collection costs. The late penalties are due without the need for a reminder from the debtor and will be applied from the date on which the principal is due until full total payment is forthcoming.

7.1.4 An invoice will be sent to the email address indicated by the Advertiser when creating its Account for every paid Order for Services. The invoices will also appear in the Advertiser's Account. The Advertiser has the possibility of downloading its invoices relative to the subscription of Services in PDF format from the "My Invoices" tab.

7.2 Pack modification, Reimbursement and Retraction

Pack modification

The advertiser is free to modify his pack at any moment as long as he respects the above-mentioned conditions.

In the case where the announcer wishes to modify the pack initially subscribed for, for an alternate pack including a bigger number of ads and/or services, the pack modification will come into effect as soon as the new MB order form is validated.

In the case where the advertiser wishes to modify the pack initially subscribed for, for an alternate pack including a smaller number of ads and/or services, he will have to notify this request to MB by a registered letter with a recorded delivery in line with a 6-month notice by knowing that any refund will be implemented.


No reimbursement is possible once the Order placed with MB by the Advertiser has been validated. Credits and publication Options are non reimbursable.

In the event of the deletion of a Classified Ad The Advertiser acknowledges that MB is entitled to delete any Classified Ad that might not meet the requirements of MB's General Terms and Conditions for Use, Validation Charter and current regulations. Deletion cannot under any circumstances give rise to any financial compensation from MB.

In the event of the cancellation of an Account The cancellation of an Account will result in the deletion of all attached Classified Ads and, consequently, the deletion of all publication options subscribed to for these Classified Ads: it will not give any entitlement to a reimbursement or indemnity, which the Advertiser hereby acknowledges and accepts. The cancellation of a Professional Advertiser's Account will result in deletion of the related Credits and does not give entitlement to any right to reimbursement, which the Advertiser hereby acknowledges and accepts.


By validating an Order, the Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that MB can start to execute the Services and expressly renounces its right to retract.

8.Advertiser commitment and guarantee

8.1 The Advertiser certifies that the Classified Ad, irrespective of its dissemination, is compliant with all current legal and regulatory provisions (notably those relating to advertising, competition, sales promotion and the use of personal data), meets the requirements of these GTCS and MB Service dissemination rules and does not adversely affect the rights of third parties (intellectual property and personality rights, in particular…).

The Advertiser guarantees that the content of its Classified Ads strictly complies with the legal obligations imposed upon its activity.

The Advertiser guarantees to MB that it is the sole, exclusive author of the text, drawings, pictures, etc. of which the Classified Ad is composed. Failing this, it declares it is the holder of all the rights and authorisations required for dissemination of the Classified Ad.

Consequently, any Classified Ad deposited and disseminated on MB Services is published under the sole responsibility of the Advertiser. The Advertiser releases MB, it subcontractors and suppliers, from any liability, guarantees them against any judgements, court and extrajudicial costs that might result from any recourse in relation to the Classified Ad and will compensate them for any damage arising from the breach of this provision.

The Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that MB is entitled to delete any Classified Ad being disseminated that might not comply with Service dissemination rules and/or which might be liable to adversely affect third party rights or contain unlawful content.

8.2 The Classified Ads submitted by the Advertiser will propose only equipment that is available, at its disposal, which it owns or for which it has been entrusted the right to sell. Should the equipment not be available, the Advertiser will remove the Ad from the Sites as soon as possible.

8.3 In this respect, the Advertiser recognises and accepts that, for technical reasons, the onlining of a Classified Ad onto an Internet Site, Mobile Site and App will not be immediate upon its validation, it being specified that only Professional Advertisers that have subscribed to a Pack can deposit their Classified Ads from the Mobile Site and App.

8.4 The Advertiser declares it is aware of the scope of dissemination of Internet Sites and that it has taken every precaution to comply with current legislation in locations where it is received and releases MB from all liability in this respect.

8.5 The Advertiser agrees that the data collected or gathered on the Internet Sites may be retained by access providers and used for statistical purposes or to meet requests determined by or emanating from the Authorities.

8.6 To be admissible, any complaints must clearly indicate the alleged fault(s) with the Classified Ad and be transmitted to MB in writing within eight (8) working days of the submission date.

8.7 The Advertiser declares it has been informed that, to access MB Services, it must have an Internet access taken out with the provider of its choice, the cost of which is for its own account, and it acknowledges that:
  • Transmission reliability may vary, notably due to the heterogeneous nature of the infrastructures and networks used for transmission and that breakdowns or saturation may well occur;
  • It is up to the Advertiser to take any measures it considers appropriate to ensure the security of its equipment and its own data, software or other elements, notably against contamination by viruses and/or attempts at hacking to which it might fall victim;
  • All equipment connected to the Internet Sites is and remains under the sole responsibility of the Advertiser: MB cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that might occur as a result of its connection to the Internet Sites.

Moreover, the Advertiser will comply with and maintain the confidentiality of its Account logon Identifiers and expressly recognises that any connection to its Account and any transmission of data to or from its Account will be deemed to have been made by the Advertiser.

Any loss, misappropriation or use of logon Identifiers and any resulting consequences come under the sole, entire responsibility of the Advertiser.

9.Period and termination

9.1 The GTCS take effect on acceptance of the Advertiser's Order by MB and apply throughout the period of the Services subscribed to.

9.2 MB Packs are concluded for an unspecified period. The Advertiser is free to unilaterally cancel its Pack at any time by means of a registered letter with recorded delivery addressed to MB, giving six months notice, it being pointed out that no reimbursement will be forthcoming.

9.3 Professional advertisers subscribing to an MB Pack for the first time have the option to cancel their Pack during the 3rd month of subscription by registered letter with recorded delivery addressed to MB provided a one-month prior notice is given.

If the Pack is not denounced during the 3rd month of subscription, it will be considered to be concluded for an unspecified period and can only be cancelled in compliance with the provisions in Article 9.2 above.

9.4 Should the Advertiser fail to meet any of its obligations, MB will be entitled to cancel the Pack and/or the Order and close the Advertiser's Account ipso jure, without prejudice to any damages.

10.Intellectual property

10.1 All intellectual property rights (such as copyright, related rights, trademark rights, database producer rights) governing both the structure and content of the Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and Apps and, in particular, the images, sound, videos, pictures, logos, trademarks, graphic or text elements, visuals, tools, software, documents, data, etc. (hereinafter referred to as a whole by the term "Elements") are reserved. These Elements are the property of MB. These Elements are made available free of charge to Advertisers solely in order to use MB Services and in the context of normal use of its functions. Advertisers agree not to modify the Elements in any way.

Any use of the Elements of Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and Apps not expressly authorised will lead to a breach of copyright and constitute infringement. This may also lead to a breach of image rights, rights of individuals or any other rights and regulations in force. The civil or criminal liability of the perpetrator may therefore be invoked.

10.2 Advertisers are prohibited from copying, modifying, creating a derivative work, reversing the design or assembly or in any other way seeking to find the source code, sell, attribute, sublicence or transfer in any way any rights relating to the Elements.
In particular, all MB Services Advertisers notably agree not to:
  • use MB Services on behalf of or to the advantage of anyone else;
  • reproduce details or Classified Ads present on MB Services, Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and Apps in any number, whether or not for commercial purposes;
  • integrate all or part of the content of Internet Sites, Mobiles Sites and Apps into a third-party site, whether or not for commercial purposes;
  • use a robot, notably for indexing (spider or crawler), an Internet site search or retrieval application or any other means enabling all or part of the content of Internet Sites, Mobile Sites and Apps to be retrieved or indexed, except with the express prior authorisation of MB;
  • copy information onto any type of media that might enable all or part of the original files to be reconstituted.

Any reproduction, representation, publication, transmission, use or modification or extraction of all or part of the Elements, in any manner whatsoever, undertaken without the prior authorisation of MB in writing is illegal. The perpetrators of this illegal action will be held liable and legal action taken against them for infringement in particular.

10.3 MB trademarks and logos, Agriaffaires and MachineryZone in particular, together with the trademarks and logos of MB Partners, are registered trademarks. Total or partial reproduction of these trademarks and/or logos without prior authorisation from MB in writing is prohibited.

10.4 MB produces the MB Services database. Consequently, any extraction and/or reuse of the database(s) in the sense of Articles L 342-1 and L 342-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code is prohibited.

10.5 MB reserves the right to take legal action against persons failing to comply with the bans contained in this article.

11.Personal information

So as to know more about our way to collect your details and the way they are used by MB as part of the MB Services provision, please see our page "Privacy Policy". The page "Privacy Policy" is part of the current Sales Terms.


12.1 MB cannot be held liable if an Order is not implemented or incorrectly implemented, as a result of the Advertiser or a case of force majeure.

12 .2 MB will make every effort to provide the necessary means to ensure the best possible provision of MB Services. Except in the event of a written commitment, the services marketed by MB are limited to MB Services, to the exclusion of any other services. MB does not in any way guarantee the results that may be anticipated by the Advertiser following subscription to these MB Services, notably following the dissemination of classified ads.

MB cannot be held liable for the capture of data made without its knowledge, nor of the resulting traceability.

MB cannot be held liable for interruptions in and modifications to MB Services and/or Internet Sites, Mobile Sites or iPhone® Apps or the loss of data and information stored by MB; it is up to the Advertiser to take all necessary precautions to preserve the Classified Ads published on the Internet Sites.

MB cannot be held liable for direct or indirect prejudice or damages of any kind, resulting from the management, use, operation, interruption or malfunction of Internet Sites, Mobile Sites, iPhone® and or MB Services.

MB and its subcontractors or suppliers cannot be held liable for delays or being unable to fulfill their contractual obligations, in the event of:
  • a case of force majeure,
  • interruption of an Internet Site connection for maintenance work or updating of the details published,
  • a temporary Internet Site access cut due to technical problems, irrespective of the origin,
  • a computer attack or hacking, temporary or permanent withdrawal, a cancellation or ban on Internet network access for any reason whatsoever.

In addition, the Advertiser acknowledges that in the current technical state, with no guarantee from telecoms operators, permanent availability of MB services, the Internet Sites in particular, cannot be guaranteed.

In view of the technical requirements linked to Internet Site architecture, location information and statistics of visits and pages viewed by visitors to the Sites are mentioned for information purposes only. The latter cannot give rise to any recourse or request for indemnities of any kind from the Advertiser.

Except in the case of intentional fault or gross negligence, MB, its subcontractors and suppliers will not under any circumstances be held to pay financial compensation for or make good in kind the results of any errors and omissions in the composition of a Classified Ad. In particular, such events may not under any circumstances justify refusal to make payment, event partial, nor constitute entitlement to a Classified Ad at the expense of MB or compensation.

Provided 8 days' notice is given, MB reserves the right to modify, interrupt or halt access to all or part of MB's Services and/or Internet Sites, Mobile Sites or iPhone® Apps without having to pay the Advertiser an indemnity of any kind. The Classified Ad which, as a result, is not disseminated, is as applicable reimbursed to the Advertiser.

12.3 MB can only be held liable with respect to this document for proven fault, within a period of twelve (12) months of occurrence of the generating event: this is limited to the ex-VAT amount for Services collected by MB during the twelve (12) months preceding the event invoking the liability of MB, all generating events and prejudice combined.

13.Force majeure

Neither the Advertiser nor MB, its subcontractors or suppliers may be held liable for any delay, non-execution or other breach in its obligations resulting from a case of force majeure. Cases of force majeure will be those normally accepted by French Court and Tribunal jurisprudence, together with total or partial strikes, internal or external to one of the parties, a supplier or subcontractor, lock-out, transport service or supply hold-ups for whatever reason, fire, storms, flooding, water damage, government or legal restrictions, legal or regulatory modifications to forms of marketing, blocking of telecommunications resources, including networks, or any other case beyond the control of the Advertiser, MB, its subcontractors or suppliers preventing normal execution of MB Services.
In the event of the occurrence of a case of force majeure, one party will notify the other by registered letter with recorded delivery.
In the event of a case of force majeure, if the impossibility to carry out the contractual obligation should last more than 1 month, the parties would become free of their reciprocal obligations ipso jure, without any legal formality, without notice and without the possibility of claiming any indemnity from the party at fault after the dispatch of a registered letter with recorded delivery with immediate effect.

14.Modification of the gtcs

These GTCS apply as of 26th September 2018. MB reserves the right to modify all or part of these GTCS at any time. Advertisers are asked to regularly read the GTCS to take note of any changes made.

15.Miscellaneous provisions

Should part of the GTCS prove illegal, invalid or non-applicable for any reason whatsoever, the provisions in question would be considered unwritten, without calling into question the validity of the other provisions, which would continue to apply between the Advertisers and MB. All complaints should be sent to the MB Customer Services Department.

16.Assignment of jurisdiction and applicable law

These GTCS are governed by French law.
In the event of a dispute regarding interpretation of the GTCS, the French version of the GTCS will be authentic.
Any dispute will come under the sole jurisdiction of the PARIS Commercial Court, even in the event of the introduction of third parties, multiple defendants or in the event of emergency or precautionary proceedings, in an urgent or other application.

Version updated – 26th September 2018 – MB ©.